E Minor Blues (24 bit alternative version)

by Mark Ward



This is three chords from a blues progression separated and looped individually with various filters and delays. Each loop has a different length and period of silence to ensure variety in the way they collide and overlap each other.
The guitar was a Fender Stratocaster recorded with no effects.
The bass parts were added in MIDI afterwards.

I made several versions of this track originally but I paid very little attention to the sound balance and mastering.
I have always thought the original was a little brash and lacked control of the higher frequencies.
This is an attempt to remedy that. It's also a different take to the original.


released March 7, 2017




Mark Ward Sheffield, UK

Electronic, ambient, deep, dub techno, field recording, soundscapes.

My 2017 EP, Universal, is NameYourPrice on Energostatic Records here energostatic.bandcamp.com/album/universal
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